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SparkFun AVC is Officially Retired

After 10 years of hosting the event in Boulder, CO, the SparkFun Autonomous Vehicle Competition is retiring.

The competition started with a bet – that building a vehicle that could navigate itself around a building would prove a lot harder than it sounded. Now, we’re closer than ever to the dream of self-driving cars, thanks to some pretty expensive lidar and a handful of entrepreneurs with incredible risk tolerance.

From a technical perspective, the problem of autonomous vehicles is largely solved. Here at SparkFun we’re always looking for our next moonshot challenge, and we’d love to hear what you think we should tackle next.

SparkFun’s AVC resources, rules, course maps and scoring rubrics are available to anyone who wants to host AVC events in their own communities. To start your own local AVC event, we invite you to apply to the SparkFun Community Partnership Program for support, and explore all of the resources available here.

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