AVC 2013 Fifth annual - June 8, 2013

SparkFun’s fifth annual Autonomous Vehicle Competition was held June 8, 2013 at the Boulder Reservoir in Boulder, CO.

2013 featured ground vehicles and both fixed and variable-pitch aerial vehicles. (Bring on the quadcopters!)


Air Vehicle Class

Place Team Total Points
1st Team Dave C 1,971.5
2nd Building Exercise 1,757
3rd Special Delivery 1,729

Ground Vehicle Class


Place Team Total Points
1st Road Runner 756
2nd WNCC 456
3rd Team Wild Circuits 387


Place Team Total Points
1st CDC 782
2nd Team Minuteman 759
3rd Team Bebop 738


Place Team Total Points
1st Team Lukas 200
2nd Home Brew 150
3rd June 7th All Nighters 25


Place Team Total Points
1st Team Netburner 1132
2nd Team 0x27 571
3rd Savage Solder 515

Special Awards

Crowd's Choice · Most entertaining Class 5 Society
Engineer's Choice · Best technical design Home Brew
Rookie Award · Best first-time competitor Electric Marmot
Best Dressed · Most interesting costume/vehicle QED
Purple Heart · Awarded for sustaining robot-induced injury Team Ramshackle

Vehicle Classes

In 2013, we introduced vehicle classifications for ground vehicles. Each entrant was classified by the judges as one of the following robot classes:

  • Student Class - Any robot that is 80% designed and built by students (high school or younger)
  • Micro/PBR - Less than $350 total spent, or small enough to fit into box that's 10"x6"x4"
  • Doping Class - Bring the biggest, baddest and most expensive vehicle you can make ($1k+ or 25lbs+)
  • Non-Traditional Locomotion - Have a walker? A modified autonomous self-balancing pogostick, motorized hamster ball? This designation is for you.
  • Peloton - All remaining vehicles that don't fit into any other class

Full Rules

The rules got a little complicated for 2013, what with all the different classes and all. To read the full rules, visit the link below.

Full 2013 Rules


Race Day Photos


Course Preview Video

Recap Video


AVC 2013 Poster